Today's Hot Music 27/11/2023 (Holiday Music, Hip-Hop, Chillout, Relaxing, Latin)

Project 1268 - Ugly Sweater (Holiday Music, Commercial Pop)  
Spread - Target Practice (Hip-Hop, Rap)  
Keeka The Brave - Be Here (Now) (Relaxing, Chillout)  
The Mars McClanes - December Songs (Holiday Music, Relaxing)  
Fedzilla - Tiempo ft Marina Y Su Melao (Latin, World)


Today's Hot Music 25/11/2023 (Hip-Hop, Avant-Garde, Bedroom Pop, Pop, Easy Listening)

Wordplaii - Change Locations (Boom Bap, Hip-Hop)  
Carlos Ucedda - Under Your Iris (Avant-Garde, Electronic)  
Baaj & Baaj - You and I - Radio Edit (Bedroom Pop, Indie Pop)  
Allen Yu - One Shared Destiny (Pop, Relaxing)  
Maddie Hanna - do you like what you see? (Pop, Easy Listening)


Today's Hot Music 22/11/2023 (Chillwave, Hip-Hop, Latin Pop, Vocal Dance, Folk Pop)

Jay Roecker - Thicker Than Blood (Chillwave, Synthwave)  
Kh¡ - addiction (Hip-Hop, RnB)  
Felix Magamba - Mon Amour (Latin Pop, Dance)  
Nenovibes - You are all my life (Vocal Dance, Electronic Pop)  
Eddy Mann - Hallelujah (Folk Pop, Singer-Songwriter)


Today's Hot Music 19/11/2023 (RnB, Latin Hip-Hop, Electronic Pop, Relaxing, Alternative Pop)

Keyyz Da Poet -Butterfly (Featuring Lehn Kessen) (Hip-Hop, RnB)  
DJ Righteous - Back It Up (Remix) (Baile Funk, Latin Hip-Hop)  
Luke Tangerine - I Adore You (feat. Carlos Ucedda) (Electronic Pop, Synth Pop)  
Super Saiyan Jay - Staying In (Hip-Hop, Relaxing)  
Robin Shaw - Jekyll and Hyde (Alternative Pop, Dark-Pop)


Today's Hot Music 16/11/2023 (Christmas Song, Relaxing, Hip-Hop, Pop, RnB)

Mick J. Clark - It's Christmas Party Time (Pop, Christmas Song)  
Eric Chapelle - Transformation (Classical, Relaxing)  
Shiano23 - Sun Ally (Hip-Hop, Rap)  
Carson Aday - Fade Away (Pop, Easy Listening)  
Chin Injeti - Make You Understand (RnB, Alternative Pop)


Today's Hot Music 15/11/2023 (Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Electronic Pop, Holiday Music, Alternative Pop)

Lnoer feat. Nównøis - Making Headway (A Letter to Me) (Trip-Hop, Downtempo)  
Sabastianlax - INVINCIBLE (Hip-Hop, Rap)  
Ripsime - Wicked & Wise (Electronic Pop, Art Pop)  
Limahl - One Wish For Christmas (Pop, Holiday Music)  
$iddha - saudade.(Avant-Garde, Alternative Pop)


Today's Hot Music 12/11/2023 (Christmas Song, Electronic Pop, Relaxing, Dark-Pop, Funk)

Mick J. Clark - Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah (Christmas Song, Power Pop)  
Dame Zina - Witch Circle (Electronic Pop, Synth Pop)  
Pàppa D. - Reminiscin' (Jazz, Relaxing)  
LTB - Living in Fear (Dark-Pop, Alternative Pop)  
Jake George - Discotech (Pop, Funk)


Today's Hot Music 11/11/2023 (Pop, Jazz, RnB, Vocal Dance, Avant-Garde)

Jonny Westwood - Together Forever (Relaxing, Pop)  
Taydem Shoesmith - This, That (Jazz, Easy Listening)  
Nrthview - Godspeed (RnB, Hip-Hop)  
Clinton N - Dreaming (ft Luma) (Vocal Dance, EDM)  
Rees Hagedorn - Izenell (Avant-Garde, Electronic)


Today's Hot Music 8/11/2023 (Christmas Song, Pop, Electronic Pop, Hip-Hop, RnB)

Mick J. Clark - It's Getting Near Christmas (Pop, Christmas Song)  
Belz - Love and Gucci Gloves (Pop, RnB)  
La Biche - Éther (Trip-Hop, Electronic Pop)  
Sak_Slick - Clean Slate (Hip-Hop, Rap)  
Yamah - Intoxicated (feat. Jessi Idony) (Hip-Hop, RnB)


Today's Hot Music 6/11/2023 (Funk, Avant-Garde, RnB, Hip-Hop, Relaxing)

Gianfranco GFN - Doctor Wind (Funk, Groove)  
Gormless - Markets (Avant-Garde, Experimental)  
Ronnue - You Got Me Open (RnB, Funk)  
Truka - Imbatible (Hip-Hop, Rap)  
Mary Knoblock - Heaven’s Bride (Live) (Relaxing, Chillout)